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CFS Legal

CFS Legal is a professional association that provides legal assistance to businesses and individuals, chiefly in the areas of copyright law, labor law, and civil law; both in the phase of negotiation and litigation.

The professional association stems from the friendship of its five founding members: Gabriele Crescimbeni, Ottone Salvati, Leonardo Coletti, Alessandro Mezzi and Angelo Martucci, who have found themselves sharing a common way of life even before any professional association.

The diversity of CFS Legal partners’ practice areas contributes to enhance the idea of a legal profession viewed as a service of excellence tailored to the client.

It is the CFS Legal standard of conduct to employ an ethical, dynamic, informal, and multidisciplinary approach in tune with its clients’ real needs, in the constant effort to swiftly locate the ideal line that connects the issue to its solution.


Via Francesco Denza, 3 - 00197 Roma - Italia
Tel +39 06 95216700 Fax +39 06 95218659